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  • "Graduate Express Consultant"

    Preparing and training college student for graduation.

  • Hostingplus.co.id

    Support web developer to choose domain & hosting recommendation.

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"Graduate Express Consultant".

Graduation Solutions

Tutoring college to problem solving their thesis of Informatic Engineering and Information System's Major. With included Apps and Drafting available.

Midterm & Final Exams Program.

Equipping students to face the midterm and final exams optimally. This class would be only 2x (twice) on one Semester. So, get ready for grade point higher than expectation. Note : Minimal 2 persons

Last Semester Task

Order your apps and papers the group task. note : 1 group

Website Developer.

We have solutions for hosting and domain in hostingplus.co.id. We open website or apps ordering for you, here some masterpieces whichever we've done.

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    Kukuh Setiawan, S.Kom Founder Filomena. Profesional IT

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